Simple and Delicious Meatless Russian Recipes

Easier Than a Steamed Turnip: Simple and Delicious Meatless Russian Recipes by Peter Vatrooshkin

Reviewed By Bill Turner

Having been a vegetarian and a connoisseur of ethnic cuisines for many years, I sometimes find it difficult to wear both hats sitting at a table in an Eastern European restaurant.  “Looking over the menu in a typical Russian or Ukrainian restaurant today, you might have a hard time finding an entrée that doesn’t include meat or bacon, or a soup made without beef or chicken stock,” writes Peter Vatrooshkin in his introduction, and this has been exactly my experience. Luckily, things are about to change. Easier Than a Steamed Turnip shows you exactly how to enjoy the best of the worlds of vegetarianism and Russian cuisine without sacrificing the authenticity of flavors or your savings account. I have also found it very useful that the recommended ingredients can be found in most grocery stores. The introductory pages were fun to read, too, and what you learn from them can give you something to talk about at the dinner table. The only downside is that if you want to taste the Russian dishes presented in this book, you would have to cook them yourself. That shouldn’t be too hard given the detailed instructions and photos that accompany many of the recipes. Maybe you can even give this book as a gift to a chef at your favorite restaurant and hope she’ll get the hint!

Easier Than a Steamed Turnip: Simple and Delicious Meatless Russian Recipes is available in many digital formats including Kindle.

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